Our Commitment

Our home is tailor-made to the necessities of the elderly.  From daily life requirements to the highest level of comprehensive care: The accommodations we provide focus on the individual needs of our residents.  We are committed to the highest principles of humanity and respect.

Perpetual Help Assisted Living wants to be more than just a residential and nursing home for its residents. We want our residents to feel good and secure here. The person, his/her dignity and his/her individuality are therefore the focus of our support and care.

The Team

We are committed to traditional values and our home meets modern requirements for quality of housing and quality of life for older people and people in need of care. Suitable indoor and outdoor surroundings, friendly staff and a familiar atmosphere encourage residents to relax and to stay. Ultimately, everyone who lives with us should feel at home. Get to know our home and services in more detail.

Our Homes

Scottsdale Home

8201 E Lewis Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Mesa Home

1116 N Westwood, Mesa, AZ 85201